Painful period after depo

18. února 2012 v 13:00

. gives you a 7 day break for a period to make things regular. if it gets painful . How long did it take for your period after depo? Irregular periods after depo provera?
. heart beat, pain in breast, mood swings, leg cramps, ovarian cysts, painful . I knew it would take a while to get my period back after I got off of Depo, but I have been kind of .
On Depo Provera, they were longer and more painful. Tired, nauseated, sore breasts . no period, no craps, no mood swings: On depo for 15 years
Best Answer: Yes it's norm samething happen to my cousin. . I tried the shot Painful period after depo 2 times in a row and absolutely hated it. I had heavy irregular bleeding and painful .
No periods after stopping depo shot . I was on the depo shot for 6 months I should . had a period every month Painful period after depo that was either extra long and heavy and painful to a normal period.
Okay so i've had 2 depo shots so far. first one came with the most painful period of my life . sex for 4 or 5 months - so. it was painful.) now, being 2 days after .
. period can cause serious internal infection so I got off depo provera afer almost a year (I didn't get my last shot). Almost immediately after I had a pretty painful period but .
Had Depo injection once and was majorly bloated from it had a really painfull period and . brand, had it once seemed to burn when she injected it and relly hurt after Normal

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